Ancient Greek Sculpture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

ancient greek sculpture in metropolitan  museum of art
ancient greek sculpture, metropolitan museum of art
ancient greek sculpture, metropolitan museum of art
ancient greek sculpture, metropolitan museum of art


Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY


The Metropolitan Museum of Art in on the eastern edge of Central Park along Museum Mile. It was founded by a group of American citizens in 1870. The founders were a mix of financiers, businessmen, thinkers and artists who had a common goal: to bring art to their countrymen.

The museum officially opened on February 20, 1872 in its original location, which was at 681 Fifth Avenue. At present, in its current location, the museum occupies more than two million square feet, and is nearly a quarter of a mile long. New York’s Metropolitan Museum boasts of a permanent collection of over two million art pieces, which are categorized under nineteen departments and looked after by a specialized staff of scholars, restorers and curators.

The museum’s main building is called “The Met”. It is among the world’s biggest art galleries.

The Met has a relatively smaller collection of medieval art at the Cloisters in Upper Manhattan.
The pieces in the Metropolitan Museum represent works from ancient Egypt and classical antiquity, sculptures and paintings from almost all of the famous European masters, and a wide collection of American, Asian, African, Byzantine, Oceanic, Islamic and modern art.

In addition to artworks, the museum holds extensive collections of costumes and accessories, weaponry, furniture, and musical instruments from all over the globe.