Chinatown in Manhattan, New York
chinatown in manhattan, new york
chinatown in manhattan, new york
chinatown in manhattan, new york
chinatown in manhattan, new york


Manhattan Chinatown


Chinatown in Manhattan is home to the majority of New York City’s Chinese immigrants. In the Western Hemisphere, it is the second most populated Chinatown. The one in San Francisco is on top of the list.

In terms of land area, it is third to Chinatown, San Francisco and Chinatown, Vancouver. It started on Pell, Park, Doyer and Mott Streets.

The first Chinese immigrant to have settled in the area is a Cantonese business man named Ah Ken.

He founded a cigar store on Park Row, which is now a highly successful establishment. He arrived in New York during 1858. However, before Ah Ken's arrival, New York alread hosted a Chinese visitor. During the 1840s, Quimbo Appo came to Chinatown, but, according to historians, he did not become a permanent resident.


The Chinese population rose to 200 during the 1870s, then to 2,000 by the 1880s, and then to

an astounding 7,000 in 1990. Women make up a very minute percentage of the population.
Like Ah Ken, Chinese immigrants who came later worked as cigar men or as billboard carriers.

Ah Ken's successful cigar shop encouraged cigar makers John Ava, John Occoo and Willam Longford

to set up operations in Chinatown where the group eventually monopolized the cigar industry.