Corning Glass Museum at Finger Lakes
corning glass museum at finger lakes, new york
corning glass museum at finger lakes, new york
corning glass museum at finger lakes, new york
corning glass museum at finger lakes, new york


The Corning Glass Museum


The Corning Museum of Glass can be found in one of the country’s most prominent glassmaking

towns, Finger Lakes. The museum is a tribute to glass, exploring its every facet including its history,

the science and technology behind its making, its design and craft, and its place in art.


The museum, housing over three thousand years of glassmaking history, is devoted to preserving

the art and science of glass. The Glass Collection of more than forty five thousand pieces includes American, Asian, Near Eastern and European glass from the ancient to the modern times.


The collection contains items from every historical period and every country where the art of

glassmaking was practiced. Inside the Corning Glass Museum is the world’s leading library on the art

and history of glass, the Juliette K. and Leonard S. Rakow Research Library.


The library’s aim is to have in its collection everything, regardless of format and language, that has

been published about glass. The library has over three hundred thousand items and publications

written in a variety of languages. One of the oldest pieces is a manuscript from the 12th century

while the newer ones include the biographies of modern day glass artists.

Aside from the library, the museum is home to the Studio. The studio is a well known and highly respected teaching facility that offers residency and scholarship programs.