Columbus Circle Statue, Manhattan
columbus circle statue, manhattan
columbus circle statue, manhattan
columbus circle statue, manhattan
columbus circle statue, manhattan


Columbus Circle Statue


The Columbus Circle, completed in 1905, is a well-known landmark and attraction on Manhattan.

It is on the intersection of Central Park South, Broadway, Central Park West and 8th Avenue.

The circle was designed by businessman William P. Eno, who pioneered many innovations in traffic control and road safety. Eno’s design was consistent with Frederick Law Olmsted’s vision that included a “Grand Circle” located at Merchants’ Gate for the park.


The monument at the center of the Columbus Circle is the work of Italian sculptor Gaetano Russo. It is the point from which distances to and from New York are officially measured.


It was built as part of New York’s 400 years anniversary celebration of Columbus’ voyage to the Americas in 1492. Funds raised by an Italian-language newspaper, Il Progresso, were used to construct the monument. The monument is made up of Columbus’ marble statue placed on top of a granite column seventy feet high.


The column is decorated with bronze reliefs of Columbus’ three ships, the Pinta, the Nina and the Santa Maria. Sitting on the pedestal of the monument is an angel holding a globe. In 2005, the circle was renovated and new elements including new water fountains, wooden benches and plants were added. The Olin Partnership of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was awarded the 2006 American Society

of Landscape Architects’ General Design Award of Honor for the circle’s redesign.