Chadwick Lake, Newburg, New York
chadwick lake in newburg newyork
chadwick lake, newburg
chadwick lake, newburg
chadwick lake, newburg


Chadwick Lake


The Chadwick Lake reservoir is located in the northwest junction of NY 300 and 32 in the Cronomer Valley section of Newburgh. The reservoir supplies water to Newburgh in Orange County, New York.

It features recreational facilities at its southern end which is open to the public. The Chadwick Lake reservoir is was built during 1926 when Quassaick Creek was dammed. Surplus water was sold to

private companies and to New Windsor in 2006 when there was a water shortage.

The dam in Chadwick Lake was built in 1926 by the Chadwick family. Fishing rights to the

privately-owned lake was purchased by the Bethlehem Rod and Gun Club, which charged admission

to the lake for swimming, fishing and boating. The Chadwick family received 50%, while the Bethlehem Rod and Gun Club kept 25%, and the rest was given to the lake caretaker.

During the mid 1930s, Newburgh had plans to purchase the lake for its water supply. However, such

a purchase was not allowed until 1961. The Chadwick family requested for a million dollars for the

lake and its surrounding area, but after the negotiations with the town, the price was brought down

to $775,000 for over four hundred acres.