Castlepoint Shawangunk Ridge
castlepoint shawangunk ridge
castlepoint shawangunk ridge
castlepoint shawangunk ridge
castlepoint shawangunk ridge


Shawangunk Ridge


The Shawangunk Ridge is also known as The Gunks or the Shawagunk Mountains. It is a ridge

of bedrock that runs through Sullivan County, Ulster County and Orange County in New York.

The ridge extends from the Catskill Mountains to the northernmost part of New Jersey.

During the past, the ridge was known for logging, mining and huckleberry picking. At present, it is a popular outdoor recreation and rock climbing site. The Shawangunk ridge is also known for its rich biodiversity and scenic charm. It was designated as one of the “75 Last Great Places on Earth” by

the Nature Conservancy.

The Shawangunk Ridge is home to a wide variety of vegetation. The upper portions of the mountains are home to mixed-oak forest, chestnut oak, dwarf pine ridges and hemlock-northern hardwood. The ridge’s wetlands abound with red maple swamps, Atlantic white cypress, acidic seeps and calcareous seeps.

There are many public lands and residential areas in the Shawangunks. A large part of the northern Ridge is protected and known as the Minnewaska State Park Preserve, the Mohonk Preserve and the Sam’s Point Preserve. The Awosting Falls, the VerKeerderkill Falls, the VerNooykill Falls and the Buttermilk Falls are in the Shawangunk region.