Buffalo Central Terminal
buffalo central terminal
buffalo central terminal
buffalo central terminal
buffalo central terminal


The Buffalo Central Terminal


The Buffalo Central Terminal in New York used to be a major railroad station from 1929 to 1979.

It is located over two miles from downtown Buffalo in the Filmore/Broadway district, which is also known as Polonia. The terminal complex, designed to accommodate 3,200 passengers every hour, is made up of several structures including the main concourse, the 15-storey office tower, the Amtrak-owned train concourse, the baggage building, the mail building, the railway express building and the power station.

The main concourse measures 225 feet in length, and is 66 feet in width. The concourse used to have

a restaurant, a Western Union telegraph office, a soda fountain, and all the standard station necessities. Running directly below the concourse is Curtiss Street which was closed during the late 90s because of its collapsing ceiling. The baggage and mail buildings are located along Curtiss Street.

Other buildings that were part of the complex included a Pullman Company service building, a coach shop, an ice house, and two connected towers.

The Buffalo Central Terminal was designed for the New York Central Railroad by architects Fellheimer and Wagner. It was abandoned for many years, but it is now owned by the Buffalo Central Terminal Restoration Corporation which is a non-profit preservation group.