Broome County Courthouse, Broome County

broome county courthouse, broome county
broome county courthouse, broome county
broome county courthouse, broome county
broome county courthouse, broome county


The Broome County Courthouse


The Broome County Courthouse is in Court Street, Binghamton. It was designed and built by

Miles Leonard and Isaac Perry in the classical revival style of architecture. It is currently being

used by the local government. Broome County, which is part of the Binghamton Metropolitan

Statistical Area, was named after John Broome. He was the lieutenant governor when Broome

County was established in 1806.

In 1683, when counties where established in the state of New York, Broome County was part of Albany. Albany County used to be very large as it covered the northern portion of New York State, Vermont, and it continued toward the Pacific Ocean to the west.

On July 3, 1766, the county’s enormous size was reduced by the establishment of Cumberland County. Four years later, its area was further decreased by the establishment of Gloucester County on March 16, 1770.What was left of Albany was cut in three parts on March 12, 1772. One of the sections remained under Albany County.


One of the other two parcels of land was names Tryon County in honor of William Tryon who was a colonial governor of New York. Later, name was changed to Montgomery County after General

Richard Montgomery who died during an attempt to capture the city of Quebec.