Boscobel Mansion, New York
boscobel mansion, new york
boscobel mansion, new york
boscobel mansion, new york
boscobel mansion, new york




Boscobel is a mansion built during 1804-1808 in the neoclassical style of architecture. It can be found overlooking the Hudson River fifty miles north of the city of New York. The Constitution March Sanctuary and Consortium, the United States Military Academy, Storm King Mountain and the Bear Mountan Bridge are all visible from the mansion’s front lawn.

The striking front façade is undoubtedly the building’s most distinguishing feature. Unlike many Federal style structures, the design is very delicate and intricate. The top of the balcony on the second floor features wooden swags carved to resemble drapery, tassels and bowknots. A third of the façade is

made of thin, large panels of glass.

Boscobel’s original location is in Montrose approximately fifteen miles south of the current site. The mansion was built by States Morris Dyckman, who was a descendant of one of the prominent Dutch families in New Amsterdam.

The mansion was passed on from generation to generation of Dyckmans until 1920. In 1955, a local organization named the Friends of Boscobel saved the building from being demolished to make way for

a hospital. A year later, the Friends of Boscobel arranged for the transfer of the mansion to its present location upriver.