Boldt Castle in Heart Island
boldt castle in heart island
boldt castle in heart island
boldt castle in heart island
boldt castle in heart island


Boldt Castle


Boldt Castle is a major tourist attraction and landmark in Heart Island, which is in St. Lawrence River’s Thousand Islands along the north border of New York. Aside from the castle, there are four other

notable masonry structures in the area.

The castle was originally owned by the wealthy George Boldt who was the owner of the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia and a Waldorf-Astoria Hotel proprietor. Heart Island was developed by

the Boldt family, and in the 1990s they commissioned architects G.W. & W.D. Hewitt to design and build the six-storey Boldt Castle.

During the early part of 1904 when Boldt’s wife, Louis, passed away, construction of the castle was stopped for over 70 years. During the long period of neglect, the structure suffered from the elements and from vandals. Heart Island, including the castle, was acquired by the Thousand Island Bridge Authority in 1977. The authority bought the property for one dollar under the agreement that all revenues generated by the castle would be used for the restoration of Heart Island.

The Thousand Island Bridge Authority spent fifteen million dollars to restore the building and continue

it construction. Additions to the castle that have been made over the years include a grand wooden staircase, marble flooring and a stained glass dome.