Astroland Coney Island, Brooklyn
astroland coney island
astroland coney island
astroland coney island
astroland coney island


Astroland Coney Island


Coney Island is in the southernmost portion of Brooklyn, New York. The island used to be a very popular resort and is the site of amusement parks. It also has a beach facing the Atlantic Ocean. The island lost some of its popularity after the Second World War.

During the lowest years, there were still some improvements made in the area. The rides are behind Astroland was gradually restored and expanded. After the 1970s, New York’s infrastructure and commercial image were improved under the administration of Mayor Edward Koch. This helped expedite the developments in Coney Island, most of which were led by Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, and continued by his successor, Michael Bloomberg. The Wall Street booms during the 1980s and the 1990s also helped revive and bring money into the city.

Locals and tourists have been frequenting Coney Island’s rides and beach since the turn of the century. The most well-known attraction in Astroland include the Wonder Wheel, which is one of the world’s

tallest ferris wheels, the Cyclone, which is a wooden rollercoaster, and the B and B Carousel.
Other popular landmarks include the Coney Island Elephant. From 1885 to 1896, it was the first thing visitors to New York would see before the Statue of Liberty. Another is Nathan’s Famous hot dog stand which opened in 1916.