Ascension Church in Greenwich Village
ascension church in greenwich village
ascension church in greenwich village
ascension church in greenwich village
ascension church in greenwich village


The Ascension Church


The Church of Ascension can be found at 5th Avenue and 10th Street in Greenwich Village, New York. During earlier times, it was a fortress of the evangelical movement. Today, it is known all over the world for its liturgy, music and art.

The Church was founded by Reverend Manton Eastburn in 1827 when there were only around two hundred thousand New York residents. Eastburn, being a known advocate of the Evangelical

movement, was approached by a group who asked him to establish a parish that would proclaim personal evangelical faith. In October 1, 1827, a certificate of incorporation was signed.

The Church of Ascension began as a small building on the Greek Revival style on Canal Street. It was consecrated in 1829, but was destroyed by fire after a decade. Since then, the church has undergone many renovations. The current Church was designed by English architect Richard Upjohn. At that time, Upjohn was also involved in the design and construction of Wall Street and the Trinity Church. In 1840, the cornerstone was laid, and a year later, the church was consecrated.

The New York chapter of the Society of Architectural Historians and the Municipal Art Society were impressed by the church’s design, and deemed it worth of preservation, so in 1987, the structure

was declared a National Historic Landmark.