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asbury delaware church
asbury delaware church
asbury delaware church
asbury delaware church


The Asbury Delaware United Methodist Church


The imposing Asbury Delaware Church, completed in 1876, is on West Tupper Street at Delaware Avenue. It was originally known as the Delaware Avenue Methodist Church, but in 1917 during the

time of the Asbury Methodist congregation, the name was changed to Asbury Delaware Church.

It was designed by John H. Selkirk of the Buffalo Gas Light Company in the Gothic Revival style

of architecture. Most other churches that were built in the area during the same time followed the Romanesque style which was brought on by H.H. Richardson’s popular Buffalo State Hospital.

Selkirk was born in Litchfield, Connecticut. In 1825, he came to Buffalo where he started his career as an architect. He designed and built numerous, churches, houses and commercial buildings. His notable works include the Tifft House, which was a hotel along Main Street, and the Romanesque façade of the Gas Co. building behind the City Hall.

The Asbury Delaware Church has old-fashioned elements typical to gothic revival buildings including side galleries and stained glass windows. The beautiful windows were made by local firm Booth and Reister. The church also features underground catacombs. Most of the furniture including the altar

and the pews are made out of rosewood.