Albany Rensselaer Rail Station
albany rensselaer station
albany rensselaer station
albany renssalaer station
albany rensselaer station


The Albany Rensselaer Station, NY


The Albany-Rensselaer Rail Station is located a mile and a half away from downtown Albany

across the Hudson. It is a long distance rail terminal in 525 East Street, Rensselaer, New York.

The station is being served by the northeastern Amtrak routes, which are outside of the Northeast Corridor. One of them is the Lake Shore Limited, whose New York and Boston branches converge

at the Rensselaer Station.

The Rensselaer Station was designed by Stracher Roth Gilmore, and was completed in

September 2002. Ryan-Biggs provided structural engineering while Erdman Anthony provided

facilities engineering. The station is being operated by the Capital District Transportation Authority.

Inside the station is a Coffee Beanery café where commuters can rest and grab a bite, a news stand and a post office. The current intermodal station replaced the nearby 1968 terminal, which Amtrak

now uses as office space. Prior to 1968, trains stopped at the Union Station located on Broadway, which is now the headquarters of the Bank of America.

The current station was originally planned on four tracks, but, due to budget constraints, the

number was reduced to three. However, in January 2007, the construction of a fourth track for

freight trains was announced.