1841 Goshen Courthouse at Main St.
1841 goshen courthouse, main st.
1841 goshen courthouse, main st.
1841 goshen courthouse, main st.
1841 goshen courthouse, main st.


The 1841 Goshen Courthouse


Located at the center of Goshen, New York, along Main Street is the 1841 Goshen Courthouse.

The building was designed in the Greek Revival style of architecture by well-known local architect Thornton Niven. It was meant to be a replica of the one Niven had built earlier in Newburgh.

During that time, Newburgh shared seat duties with the larger city.

Before the construction of the Orange County Government Center in 1970, the Goshen Courthouse was used as a courthouse. In 1975, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

At present, it is being used to house the Orange County Genealogical Society archives.

Settlement in the town of Goshen began during the early 1700s, but the plains for its settlement

date back earlier to 1654. Goshen was established in 1789. A portion of the town was use to form a new town called Hamptonburgh in 1830. Fifteen years later, in 1845, a different part of Goshen was used to make up the Town of Chester.

The locations and communities in the Town of Goshen include the Old stone schoolhouse, which is near the south town line, Durlandville, which is a hamlet in the southwestern part of Goshen,

Finnegans Corner, north of Florida and Goshen Hills, located to the east of Finnegans Corner.