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The Big Apple, Gotham City, The City That Never Sleeps, NY‒all nicknames of America's most populous city, New York.

It is a global city that greatly influences the whole world, whether in economy, culture, arts or fashion. Here stands some of the world's most famous landmarks, namely, the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street and the Empire State Building. Not to mention the the former WTC Twin Towers which was destroyed during the 9/11 attack.


If NYC is the capital of US, Manhattan is the center of all the NYC's affairs. Media and telecom companies as well as publishers are based here. Also in Manhattan is Times Square, another world renowned landmark.


NYC's skyline is dominated by skyscrapers like 17 State Street and

Citigroup Center (formerly Citicorp). Mass-transit operates 24/7.

Albany Renssalaer Station at downtown Albany is one of the country's busiest. Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue is a transit station at the corner of Stillwell and Surf Avenue. As with all other urban areas, lifestyle in NY is fast paced.

A more private and homely location is surely not the city center but a village

like Bronxville, which is north of midtown Manhattan.


Aside from skyscrapers are historic buildings. The Athenaeum Hotel, 1841 Goshen Courthouse, Broome County Courthouse, 280 Broadway Manhattan, Castle Clinton, 23 Wall Street and New York City Hall are just a few. Also, Churches like Asbury Delaware Church and Acsension Church, both built during the 19th century, have remarkable architecture. Overlooking Hudson River is Boscobel House Museum a popular tourist attraction.


Buffalo Central Terminal, built in 1929 and Buffalo City Hall, built in 1931,

are art deco buildings. Delaware and Hudson Railroad Company Building located in Albany has a gothic architecture.


Congress Street Bridge runs across Hudson River, connecting Watervliet with Troy.

New York may be a busy city, but who says there is no time for movies?

Al Hirshfield Theater and AMC Empire Theater are just around the corner.


What else is fun in NY? Astroland Coney Island amusement park with its

famous roller coasters. You can watch a baseball game at Alliance Bank Stadium or a tennis match at Arthur Ashe Stadium. Shopping and dining at

Manhattan Chinatown would be a pleasure for those who like Chinese food and those looking for oriental goods. Red Lobster Restaurant at 7th avenue

is a certified favorite of seafood lovers.

Even if NYC is highly urbanized, there is still a place where you can sit, relax and get close with nature. Morningside Park is just near Columbia University. Buffalo Japanese Garden is an oriental inspired garden at Delaware park. Other natural attractions include  Beaverdam Lake, Block Rock Forest, Chadwick Lake, Heart Island, Shawgunks Ridge, East Branch Reservoir and Downing Park.


Aside from these green areas, libraries like Adriance Memorial Library, and Brooklyn Park Library are also worthwhile to visit.

Monuments, sculptures, statues and fountains are everywhere in the city.

Hall of Fame Statues for Great Americans is at Bronx Community College. Bailey Fountain is an interesting sight at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn.It features a male and female figure standing on a ship, Neptune, Triton and a boy holding a cornucopia. Columbus Circle Statue is located at the

intersection of Broadway, Central Park West-South, 59th street and Eighth Ave. Also in NYC are statues of Carl Shurz, Colombus and Henry Maxwell

as well as monuments like the Boot Monument and the Battle of White Plains.

New York City is said to be a birthplace of a lot of things from music to art. Movements like Harlem Rennaisance and Abstract Expressionism all began in this city. Art Galleries like Albright Knox at Elmwood Avenue exhibits modern and contemporary art. Corning Glass Museum houses a collection of beautiful glass pieces. Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the largest museums

in the world with more than two million works of art in its collection.

Sea Air Space Museum is for the aviation enthusiasts, with its collection of plane models.


Westin at Times Square is one of the best hotels in NY.


New York is a big city and there are a lot sights to see and much history to learn about.

Manhattan china town

 China Town

Bronxville village

Bronxville Village


23 Wall street

23 Wall Street

Astoland coney island

Coney Island

Boscobel house museum


Downing park

Downing Park

Heart island

Heart Island

New york city hall

NY City Hall

AMC empire

AMC Empire

Beaverdam lake

Beaverdam Lake